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With over 33 years experience in criminal defense, Mitchell Nelson, of Your Best Defense, PLC, provides effective, aggressive representation to clients in the Michigan cities of Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Southeastern Michigan who have been charged with a state or federal crime. If you are under investigation for a criminal offense, no matter how complex, we can help you.

You have rights. Do not talk to anyone until you have hired a qualified attorney who will ensure those rights are protected. Contact us right away. Waiting to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer could negatively affect the outcome of your case.

Your best defense is an experienced criminal defense attorney.
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Our firm represents individuals charged with a state or federal crime, or under investigation for the following misdemeanor or felony charges:

  • White Collar Crimes
    We represent clients facing charges of embezzlement, conspiracy, corporate fraud, stock fraud, larceny by conversion, distribution of trade secrets, corporate malfeasance, tax violations, criminal enterprises and racketeering, environmental offenses, customs tax offenses, alcohol and tobacco tax offenses, naturalization offenses, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, and social security fraud.
  • Sexual Offenses
    We represent clients facing sex crime charges, including family related sexual crimes, child molestation, internet solicitation of a minor, date rape, rape, and the use of date rape drugs. We also serve clients who have been the target of police stings for internet solicitation of a minor.
  • Drug Offenses
    We represent clients facing drug charges ranging from misdemeanors to lifetime offenses, including drug possession, drug trafficking, drug sales, drug manufacturing, and other offenses involving cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, marijuana, crack, and meth labs.
  • Pre-Indictment Investigation
    As soon as an individual becomes the focus of an investigation, we will represent their interests and ensure their rights are being protected throughout the investigation. Before charges are filed, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.
  • Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence can take on different forms, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or even just be threats of harm or violence. This criminal act is usually physical but can also be psychological, social, or sexual. It can be constant, rare, or a one time occurrence.
  • Drunk Driving
    Many people in Michigan are arrested and convicted each year on drunk driving charges.  In a recent one year study, 418 people in Michigan were killed directly because of drugs and/or alcohol and 8,667 were injured. 
  • Embezzlement
    In order to be convicted for embezzlement, it must be proven that the accused individual intended to steal the assets for personal gain and fraudulent activity was committed in order to obtain these assets.
  • Environmental Violations
    It may be possible for you to be charged with an environmental violation without you even realizing that you did anything that was considered to be a crime. Many individuals violate important environmental laws.
  • Expungement
    You will usually be eligible for an expungement if you have never had an expungement before. It also depends on the crime that was committed. Certain criminal acts are not always eligible for expungement.
  • Federal Crimes
    When it comes to federal cases, laws and rules can be complicated and hard to differentiate from Michigan state laws. Some lawyers are only experienced in dealing with criminal cases that only violate Michigan state laws and not federal laws.
  • Homicide
    Many years in jail - perhaps even your whole lifetime - can be the penalty you face if a jury finds you guilty of murder in Michigan. Our lawyers can help to reduce, or even eliminate any sentence you might receive.
  • Internet Crimes
    Internet crime, a fairly new crime that is on the rise, can hold serious penalties for those who break the law when it comes to the internet and computers. Internet law covers a variety of different areas and can be violated in numerous ways.
  • Mail Fraud
    Each year throughout the United States and not just the state of Michigan, thousands of individuals are arrested and charged with mail fraud to some degree. Mail fraud violates federal law and is considered a felony.
  • Manslaughter
    There are two main categories for manslaughter; the categories are voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. Also, depending on the case, manslaughter can fall into more specific categories.
  • Tax Evasion
    Even if you don't make much money or you feel that the amount of tax money that you failed to pay is a small amount, keep in mind that you can still be charged with tax evasion crimes that can result in severe consequences.

The criminal justice system is not designed for your protection. The only person you can truly trust is your defense attorney. We are on your side. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin formulating an effective defense on your behalf. We will immediately conduct a pre-indictment investigation and formulate a thorough, aggressive defense on your behalf.

For trusted and skilled legal advocacy, contact Mitchell Nelson of Your Best Defense, PLC, today.

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